New ItilExpress release 2.6.0

New features: 

- Import/Export Configuration Items to Excel allows for quick multiple updates to CMDB.
- Automatic user creation from .csv file (separator “;” password: blank and role: User)
- Suppliers are moved from client CMDB to a central repository. (old purchases will be migrated)
- “Request Quote” mail previsualization and ability to select to what supplier request will be sent.
- Add new Service/Component relationships directly from Incidents/Service Request/Problems forms.
- New purchases reports.
- Note and Technican time updates by mail. Example: Mail subject: “#idTicket:n” (n would be the technician time and idTicket the Ticket Id)
- “Pending tasks” integration to main screen.
- Multiple ticket elimination from admin tab (separated by “;”)

Bugs and fixes:

- Planned tickets are not shown until notification time.
- Improvements in Service Desk configuration UI.
- Corrected technician selection bug when using one client with multiple Service desks.
- Minor bug fixes and controls.


New ItilExpress release 2.5.5

New features: 
- Improvements to CMDB UI.
- Billable option added for changes and problems.
- Added the possibility that one client can be serviced from multiple Service Desk.
- Add new users directly from ticket form.

Bugs and fixes:
- Error when changing language.
- Screen update bug when adding relationships.
- Fixed sorting in Custom Report and Service Desk Report
- Refresh button is removed in CMDB UI. Now it is automatic.


New ItilExpress release 2.5.4

New Features:
      -          LDAP authentication.
      -          LDAP Synchronization.
      -          Right button to change status and priority on main screen.
      -          Role members maintenance.
      -          Service Requests with future start date (With mail notification).
      -          Language change features.
      -          Google Chrome support improvements

      -          Minor bug fixes and added input controls.
      -          Word wrap fix on text inputs.


New ItilExpress release 2.5.3

New features:
- Mail management improvements including the capture of replies, as notes to the ticket, and capture of attachments.
- Default status and priority setting.
- Out of service time field for incidents
- Last updated date for CIs.
- Improvements in auto discovery scripts for MS Office detection.
- Performance improvements
- Support group notification improvement.
- Minor bug fixes.


RELEASE NOTES – 2010/09/15, ver. 2.5.0

Major Changes:

1) Servers will be migrated to Amazon Cloud Services. We expect to get better performance and higher availability and reliability levels, besides a more flexible infrastructure to allow for growth.

2) To improve security, http will be disabled and only https will remain enabled.

New features:

- SLA screen redesign
- SLA adjustment by ticket priority
- Ticket color in main screen based on SLA
- Allow user change on ticket with special permission
- Report screen redesign and some new and improved reports and listings.
- Record of quotes sent (suppliers) on purchase ticket.
- Improvements to full report.
- Added delay on configuration tables to improve filtering.
- Mains screen shows adjusted time (Total Time- non working hours-no effort states) instead of Total time
- Improvement on description editing components.


- User completing scheduled task now correctly recorded.
- Improvement on Service Desk controls when deleting/changing configurations.
- Improvement y controls when editing CMDB.
- Description visualization improvements.
- Minor bug fixes


ITE ItilExpress on the Cloud

We are testing Amazon´s cloud to host ITE ItilExpress. Tell us what you think about it...


RELEASE NOTES – 2010/03/10, ver. 2.4.5

New functionalities:

-Added HTTPS access.
-Added SSL support from mails.
-HTML Rich Text and available email tags visualization.
-Unidentified incoming mail redirection option.
-Quick filters for configuration tables. (Users, Clients, etc)
-Reports for scheduled tasks. (Delays and completed tasks)
-Related tickets visualization from CMDB.
-Time consumed per each note in tickets. (Incident, Service Request, Problem, etc)
-Checkbox in incidents for billable tickets.
-Report for billable tickets.
-Minor bug fixes and data validators.