RELEASE NOTES – 2009/04/24, ver. 2.2

Changes since the last version 2.1:
New version that brings more functionalities and data flow control.
- Scheduled Tasks Module
- SLA Notifications
- Service Desk Reports

Minor issues/changes:
- When changing client inside CMDB, the CI list refreshes automatically now without the need of clicking the refresh button.
- Telephone field added to Client information.
- Tooltip icon added to show requesting user information on both Incidents and Service requests ticket types.
- Password change option when user clicks on his username.
- All four ticket type report buttons have been merged into one in order to reduce the quantity of buttons on the report section.
- The configuration lists have been reprogrammed to show more or less data depending on the user permissions.
- The search filter has been repositioned.
- Wrong redirection bug corrected when using the search filter and then trying to access one of the results given by it.

Fixed Bugs:
- Corrected some grammar mistakes on a few tags.
- When clicking the Clear button on the ticket list, all the filters were activated. This has been corrected.
- Purchases without quotes are not shown on the report.
- Fixed non working link when the user received an email regarding the ticket closure.
- Minor bug fixes


RELEASE NOTES – 2009/04/14, ver. 2.1

Changes since the last version 2.0
- Added User Satisfaction Evaluation Module
- Added Alarm system
- New Report options now also including: Evaluations, Evaluation Chart and Service Desks
- Improved the security system to Access pages depending on user role
- New User Roles with distinctive permissions in order to limit access to data

Minor issues/changes:
- Added “Report by Support Group” option inside Incidents Report
- When entering a new ticket via e-mail as a technician, the way that you have to enter the requesting users email changed from /email@domain.com/ to [email@domain.com]

Fixed bugs:
- When the service desk received an e-mail from an unregistered user, the system sent an automatic reply to the sender apart from forwarding the e-mail to the support group. This caused some problems when the sender was Spam. This has been corrected so that only registered users get a confirmation reply that their ticket has been received.
- Minor bug fixes