New ItilExpress release 2.6.0

New features: 

- Import/Export Configuration Items to Excel allows for quick multiple updates to CMDB.
- Automatic user creation from .csv file (separator “;” password: blank and role: User)
- Suppliers are moved from client CMDB to a central repository. (old purchases will be migrated)
- “Request Quote” mail previsualization and ability to select to what supplier request will be sent.
- Add new Service/Component relationships directly from Incidents/Service Request/Problems forms.
- New purchases reports.
- Note and Technican time updates by mail. Example: Mail subject: “#idTicket:n” (n would be the technician time and idTicket the Ticket Id)
- “Pending tasks” integration to main screen.
- Multiple ticket elimination from admin tab (separated by “;”)

Bugs and fixes:

- Planned tickets are not shown until notification time.
- Improvements in Service Desk configuration UI.
- Corrected technician selection bug when using one client with multiple Service desks.
- Minor bug fixes and controls.